Velondonista statement

Velondonista is a London based lifestyle blog

about bicycles, fashion and travel.


Here you will find a mix of: Bike friendly fashion style posts; Travel reviews with bicycles; Travel reviews without bicycles; London living and Commuter lifestyle advice.

I am also running a Project V section that features street style photography collection of Londoners with their bikes.

The idea behind the name comes from a play on 3 words: VELO – meaning to bicycle in various languages, LONDON and fashionISTA with the blog providing content and tips within all three categories.

So thanks for stopping by & I hope you enjoy the ride!

About JB

Photography, fashion and design obsessed I love to travel, street food and festivals.

As a creative, I enjoy working in Adobe CC Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I also have over 5 years of experience in the use and management of CMS Magento, WordPress and Squarespace and a bunch of highly analytical skills that might be too boring to name.

I started my blog as a source of inspiration to get more women to cycle to work or on the weekend as I truly felt that women were underrepresented in the London cycling communities. And I am so glad to see more & more women cycling about London now! My cycling commute to work is around 10km each way along the streets, via the canal path, and through Victoria park, which can be quite long, yet I adopted my wardrobe to suit my commuter lifestyle (without the lycra). I know there are lots of women like me around London who cycle (and this is partly what Project V also represents),  and therefore my blog aims to provide a simple source of inspiration for outfits and travel for Londoners and bicycle enthusiasts.

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