Rain, bikes and Frankfurt stopover

 Frankfurt 3 hr stay

Earlier in November I visited Frankfurt, although you probably can’t call that a visit given that I literally spent 4.5 hours there. With my short flight stopover it meant that I had some hours to kill so instead of spending the whole of my time at the airport I was keen to get a taste of Frankfurt (think frankfurter sausage) and to mainly get a feel of this city’s bicycle culture.

Frankfurt 3 hr stay

Frankfurt 3 hr stay

5 hours in frankfurt 5 hours in frankfurt 5 hours in frankfurtFrankfurt 4hr stop overFrankfurt airport 4 hours
As can be seen the German weather clearly didn’t share the same enthusiasm as me  and although it wasn’t raining the whole of my very ‘long’ visit, it definitely felt autumnal and wet in the city. But thanks to the very efficient German transport to and from the airport this was definitely a journey worth the effort. I easily managed to fit the whole trip from and back to the airport in less than 3 hours! 

And as for Frankfurt’s bicycle culture, it was very present even in the rainy day of my visit (unlike the Frankfurter, which I didn’t get a chance to have).

Frankfurt 3 hr stay

Frankfurt 3 hr stay Frankfurt 3 hr stay



  1. 10/01/2017 / 21:30

    Unfortunate about the weather but lovely to get away and do a bit of cycling! I’d love that right now!

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