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You might have already guessed it from my social media posts that I like art, A LOT.

Growing up in a very cultural city of St Petersburg with monthly visits to the Hermitage and then later working for Sotheby’s Auction house in London has provided me with regular visual aid and inspiration. One thing however that I am not so good at is names.  And this is exactly why I could never succeed in an art history career, given how I can never remember the story behind the art piece (or even the name of the artist itself!). Not ideal! Well at least I can still enjoy art for free.

More recently my very close friend Kate (who also so happened to have taken most of these photographs) got me to visit the Gagosian gallery and then I remembered something you know from working in the industry;

So often the best art is hidden in the art galleries and art auction spaces.

The art that you can never find in the museums, as it might be sold to a private collection and never been seen to the public eye again. The art that you would never known or heard of otherwise.

gagosian richard serra

So where do you find that art?

where art though?

Richard Serra Blogger London gagosian gallery

gagosian richard serra


Well, first of all of the auction houses have huge spaces full of paintings, sculptures and works of art all open to the public. Typically the art that is to be sold at the auction has to be displayed for any potential buyers to see and hence is displayed for 2-4 days before the auction in the galleries. The entrance is always free and you don’t ever need an appointment. Just keep in mind the opening hours are usually within 9.30 and 5pm. Often you can just walk around the gallaries set within the auction houses.

Best thing to do is to google Sotheby’sChristie’s,  Bonhams or any other art auction houses to see any upcoming or exhibitions on view that are absolutely free and open to public (i.e  to people without millions of pounds spare to invest into art!).

Richard Serra Blogger London gagosian gallery

Richard Serra Blogger London gagosian gallery


The gallery spaces such as Gagosian, White Cube, Blain|Southern, Victoria Miro, Whitechapel, Skarstedt etc are all great for quick pop ins and are scattered around various areas of London. Especially as you will only be looking at 2/3 rooms of art curated and chosen specifically by this gallery. The galleries are trypically open from 10am till 6pm and closed on Mondays.

All the photos in this post were taken in the Gagosian gallery on Britannia Street in Kings Cross and feature works by Richard Serra. The exhibition is on until 25th February 2017, so make sure to check it out as it is completely free.


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img_6629London, Paris, New York and many other cities. You can wander the City’s public spaces and stumble upon world-class public art, on an urban canvas recognised across the globe. And you will be surprised at how many highly valuable works of art are actually hiding on the streets of London. For example, if you ever visit Liverpool St Broadgate, there is an instantly recognisiable sculpture by the same artist as in these photographs by Richard Serra named Fulcrum, 1987. Many people meet by the sculpture yet they fail to acknowledge its existence. To discover more art installations absolutely for free from the world’s most high profile artists  on the streets of London see Sculpture in the City.

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