Project V – Fabienne and Heli

Project V – Fabienne and Heli

Project Velondonista fab & Heli
As you might be aware already Project V stands for Project Velondonista and consists of a collection of street style photographs of women with their bikes in London i.e ‘real life Velondonistas’. The idea behind the project is to encourage more women to cycle in London & to show that cycling and style go very well together.

I took these shots of Fabienne (behind the wheel) and Heli (in the baby seat) a couple of weeks ago during one very warm evening in September. I am not one to pick favourites, but I think you would agree that these guys are officially the cutest velondonistas of them all!


Project V Fab & Heli

Fabienne’s answers to Project V questions:

1.     Describe your cycling style

Very casual, I hardly ever wear heels and I’m mostly in trousers. If I need to dress smarter for client meetings I stick a jacket and shoes in my backpack and cycle in trainers

2.     What do you ride?

I began by riding the loveliest Brompton-sized Peugeot bike years ago, but after it was stolen I went for a more practical (and boring) Ridgeback. It’s even the men’s option as it was on sale!

3.     Favourite place in London?

So hard to pick just one… but if I had to it’d have to be the Islay walk in Canonbury, it is the prettiest hidden gem

4.     Favourite shop

I love the Mercantile shop in Spitalfields market – they have a great selection of clothes, shoes and jewellery. Best to go during the sales though…

5.     Cycling item you can’t live without

My Matt and Nat Backpack. I’m not vegan but I love the fact it is not leather, from an ethical point of view but also because it makes it much more resistant to the weather. It’s also the perfect size for shoes / laptop / other trinkets without being too big

We can find you riding…

Victoria Park, Hackney Wick, Shoreditch… anywhere East; though with that little baby of ours we can’t go too far these days!








Thank you Fabienne and Heli for participating. If you would like to be featured and are in London just drop me a line -


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