New blog design, new logo and new bicycle and why I changed it all

New blog design, new logo and new bicycle and why I changed it all


This week has been big, like BIG with triple B’s! Those being new Bicycle, new Blog design and new blog reBrand.

Back in May I moved my blog from to after falling deeply in love with’s chic and sleek interface and so many wonderful flexible add-on features. Unfortunately after several months of using squarespace I missed the simple blogging system of wordpress and asked Phil from pipdig to help me with my transfer back, but this time to self hosted site. The result is in front of you, so please tell me your thoughts. I am choosing to keep my old SS site and therefore just changed it to host my portfolio only.

Following on with the CMS move I felt that my previous logo design just didn’t really fit well within the look of the new site and so I quickly changed it from this to the above. Again, any feedback is very welcome.  I really enjoy creating new identity for sites, whether it is for a blog or a business and would always be happy to do this for other bloggers, friends or my readers, so please do get in touch if you are after a logo, banner or else. My rates are also very purse & wallet friendly.

And of course the big news is that by complete coincident I have just purchased a new bike, and I am now a proud owner of Tokyobike Bisou. I have been riding it for several days and couldn’t be happier with the upgrade from my previous gold Bobbin Bramble. Don’t get me wrong I love that bike also, but it was just time for me to change to something a little bit lighter. I will be posting a full comparison of three bicycle models that I have been in ownership of very soon (Pashley Penny, Bobbin Bramble and Tokyobike Bisou), so do come back to check it out.

Also, how cute is this green polka dot dress? The first time I wore this dress was to a prom when I was 15 years old. It was handmade for me by my grandmother’s friend and is made from the softest silk – perfect for cycling about on a hot summer day.

Velondonista Jb signature

Velondonista Tokyo Bike

Velondonista TokyoBike Bisou Velondonista TokyoBike BisouBIKE

tokyobike Bisou


Daniel Wellington




find from the market, similar by Dior here


handmade almost vintage





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    • velondonista
      22/08/2016 / 10:46

      Thank you Georgina – glad to hear you like it.

    • velondonista
      30/08/2016 / 19:50

      Thanks Iga, so relieved to hear that!

      There will be plenty more I promise 🙂

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