Happy Wednesday everyone, hope the sun is shining wherever you are and you are having a fabulous week. It has been way too long since my last post, with lots in the pipeline so sit tight – they are coming!

I had been keen to start this regular blog post to share the stylish instagrammer’s bike posts in case you felt like you missed anything and to inspire you to get riding. Something that unfortunately Instagram now fails to do for me, as it only shows me content ‘I want to see’.

So anyways hope your enjoy this post and these awesome girls & bikes of instagram:


1. Leonie from Ohh couture looking so summery and so chic with her bicycle:

Biking through @amillafushi right before sunset – loving the idea that every guest has a bike to explore the island. Wearing my @escadaofficial sunnies. 🚲 #ILoveMyEscada #EscadaEyewear @derigo_official #derigo @stopoverreisen #OhhcoutureXStopOverReisen #StopOverReisen #Maldives #ohhMaldives #Maldivious #ChloeGirls

2. Model and owner of Tokyobike North America Jualiana Rudell always styling her look so well with her bike (s):

3. Emma Lauren and Jo Lorenz fun and colourful instagram posts often featuring their super cute dog Hugo:

4. Actress and blogger Courtney Halverson from @prettylittlefawn account certainly looking so pretty (and little) on her bike:

5. Sara from collage vintage enjoying (white) bike ride with friends:

6. Michy from @michellesolobay enjoying a lovely sunny bike ride below:

7. Emily Jones from @emilycreates has the nicest feed with excellent photography full of happy people (weddings), bikes and nature:





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