Perth Western Australia

My Australasia trip started with Perth a city on the Western Australia coast famous for it’s mining and oil industry.

This very modern and sun-blazing city was a brilliant introduction to Australian culture. Streets here are pristine clean with tall skyscraper sky line and plenty of nature to support the active lifestyle.

Noticeably people don’t commute to work here on a bike even given great cycle paths along many city roads, this is of course all because of the climate in Perth. Even now, in Autumn, the temperatures are well above 30s Celcius and I have personally experienced a couple of 38 Celsius days. Who can cycle in that heat and then head into work?!!

It would be difficult to pinpoint the highlight of this trip, given the amount of animals and nature you can see whilst here in Perth . I especially loved meeting the koalas and kangaroos in Caversham wildlife park. Feeding the kangaroos from the palm of your hands is really quite something, especially as they reach to ask you for more.




Next day wasn’t a lot less exciting – we took a train to Mandurah and then a boat through Mandurah Estuary where over 200 dolphins live. The river is safe from sharks and so many dolphins come here to breed. Our boat tour managed to not only show us Dolphins but also got a couple of them to swim together with our boat at great speed. The energy that these guys have is quite something. I am now forever in love with the Dolphins!




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