Not going to lie I got pretty excited when I heard that Levi’s made special jeans for commuters, especially as the range extended to ladies also. I simply had to get my hands on these denims. What is the difference, may you ask?

Well, apart from high visibility stripe on the inside of the jean for those perfect roll-ups (which by the way I love), not much. The jeans are high wasted sturdy skinnies and are not too skin tight. They do stretch a bit as the day goes by (maybe a bit too much for my liking) but still look good at the end of the day without stretched knee caps.

The jeans cover my back well whilst on the bike and although these claim to be water repellent, I am yet to test this feature.  I don’t doubt their water resistance given how durable the denim feels.

I really like the fit, the only problem is that if you wanted to get a pair you might struggle – these bad boys have now completely sold out. I am however hopeful that Levi’s will bring us a new and improved commuter range soon. Fingers crossed.


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