If you are like me, determined to not wear lycra whilst cycling to work then read on…. This is the essentials for daily commuters and occasional cycling enthusiasts. No crazy lingo and simple stuff only, to ensure a smooth ride. I only ride my bike to work around 10km/6miles, takes me between 30-40 mins each way depending on the pace. I don’t shower at work by choice, so I tend to cycle at a slower more enjoyable pace (unless it is raining of course).




  • Helmet. I have a black helmet by GIRO, which doesn’t make me look too silly, isn’t too hot and goes nicely with the rest of my typical daily (black) outfit.
  • Lights. Essential for riding in the winter as there is hardly any daylight. I prefer to have really bright lights with rechargeable battery.
  • Flat shoes/trainers. I am currently in love with the above pony hair Superga trainers £34. If you wear heals you are way more likely to get an ankle injury if you come off your bike, so why risk your chances.
  • Prescription glasses. Those are essential if you are like me semi-blind at night, but can see very well during the day.


  • Gloves or Mittens. Handy in those winter cold months. Got to look after those hands ladies & gents, and keep them warm. Mine (picture below) are leather and have a nice leopard print on them. I also have a pair of £3 gloves from Tiger have the magnetic tips feature handy for using my phone when directions are needed.
  • Scarf is another very handy accessory in the winter, can also double up protecting the face from the evil winds. I have a warm black one with tassels from Stradivarius.
  • Waterproof. Emergency folding one so you can easily fit it into that lovely bag of yours. My black (again) waterproof comes from The People’s Poncho.














  • Backpack or over the shoulder bag. Phillip Lim Pashli backpack (pictured above) is my fancy go to backpack, perfect size for daily commute as it also fits my MacBook.
  • Sunglasses are also excellent choice for cycling during the day and I find that lighter glass frames are best especially as they double up protecting from dirt and insects flying about. I ride wearing my old school folding tortoiseshell Ray Ban wayfarer.
  • Comfy trousers/jeans. Levi’s got a commuter range aimed at cyclists specifically. I just conveniently acquired a pair and reviewed it here.
  • If you are riding in the country side or don’t mind risking your life to the hands of other drivers as well as yours, then hat can be substituted instead of a helmet. Nothing too big or floppy obviously as it will get blown away in the process.
  • Bright jacket/coat. Helps to be more visible at day and night.







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