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Project V stands for Project Velondonista and consists of a collection of street style photographs of women with their bikes in London i.e ‘real life Velondonistas’. The idea behind the project is to encourage more women to cycle in London & to show that cycling and style go very well together.

This week’s Project V participant is Sarah – friendly and fun East London shop co-owner of Isambard’s cycles.

1. Describe your cycling style

I cycle in and out of work every day, so the clothes I cycle in are the same clothes I wear in the bike shop. At this time of year, usually a pair of jeans, nikes, thick socks and an over-sized jumper – often one of my boyfriend’s cast offs, or something I’ve found in a £5 bin.

2. What do you ride?

My go-to bike is a 1950s single speed Claud Butler (pictured). Even though the frame is over 50 years old, the bike is essentially in mechanically new condition, and well-suited to cycling in London. I run Isambard’s with my boyfriend Tim, and we specialise in custom rebuilds on older frames. One of the many perks of being in this line of work is having the opportunity to customize my bikes. I have a mid 90’s Stumpjumper reserved for trips back home to muddy Wales, and a customized 1930s Dawes Super Club (which I specced and Tim built!).

3. Favourite place in London?

Crystal Palace. It cemented itself in my affections before I moved to London, following an autumnal evening spent unsuccessfully chasing fireworks in an old Mercedes (they’re quick – the car wasn’t). We gave up at Crystal Palace, and lay in the leaves getting smashed on red wine. I also love where we live in Hackney Wick – because I’m a country girl at heart – and Hampstead Heath ladies’ pond for the same reason.

4. Favourite shop

Isambard’s! I spend most of my time there – and if I didn’t love it I’d do something else. Plugs aside, Pellicci’s on Bethnal Green Road has the best breakfasts in town, and the charity shops in Highgate often yield bargain treasure and clothes.

5. Cycling item you can’t live without

Bike(s). Everything else is an accessory!

We can find you riding…

My route to work takes me through Victoria park 6 days a week, but I often venture further in to the centre for gigs and meeting friends, or up the Lea Valley for some fresh air.


Thank you for participating Sarah, and thanks to Tim for these awesome images.  If you would like to get a new vintage bike or a check up on your bicycle head over to Isambard’s.  And if you would like to be featured, please get in touch via






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