Project V stands for Project Velondonista and consists of a collection of street style photographs of women with their bikes in London i.e ‘real life Velondonistas’. The idea behind the project is to encourage more women to cycle in London & to show that cycling and style go very well together.
This week’s Project V is Naomi from the online cycle lifestyle store Hackney St Cloud.
  1. Describe your (cycling) style:

I use my bike to commute from home to the gym, and then work and meetings during the week so it’s important for me to be able to maintain my personal style when riding but still be able to cycle comfortably. Quality of clothing to me is everything – if it doesn’t feel effortless and incredible to wear on and off the bike then it probably isn’t right. Right now in this cold and rainy English winter, I’m loving Folk’s waterproof raincoat layered on top of a pair of No Such Thing’s activewear leggings and a crisp white button down shirt.

  1. What do you ride?

I have a step through white steel framed Danish bike for everyday riding – sturdy and practical. I also own a vintage Colnago CX road bike with a shiny chromed steel frame. I helped build it 3 years ago after being inspired by reading Robert Penn’s ‘It’s All About The Bike’. Now I take it on cycling adventures around London and beyond.

  1. Favourite place in London:

I love the vibe of Broadway Market on Saturdays. To me it’s always been a beautifully buzzing centre of East London and a perfect way to start the weekend off on a happy social note. I usually start with a coffee at Climpson’s, working my way down to the canal stopping to get a bite to eat or for a chat.

  1. Favourite shop:

(Apart from my own) 😉 I really like visiting Triangle Store on Chatsworth Road in Clapton. It’s got a great mix of midcentury furniture and Scandinavian minimal accessories. Also the dog living there is incredible and always has time for a cuddle.

  1. Cycling item you can’t live without:

A water- and splash-proof backpack is essential in the colder weather to carry essentials like gym kit and laptop. I’m obsessed with Kate Sheridan’s version made of hardwearing waxed British cotton – whenever it’s out in the rain it just needs a wipe clean with a damp cloth and it’s back to looking brand new!

We can find you riding…

Anywhere and everywhere around Hackney and East London.


Thank you for participating Naomi. for Naomi’s shop head to the cycling store. If you would like to be featured, please get in touch via




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