There is something really special about Copenhagen, whether it is the friendly Danes, the amazing cycling infrastructure or the beautiful colourful streets of the city that claim to host the happiest nation on Earth. This city has a real buzz and it is rather infectious.

It would be amazing for London to have a similar cycling culture, albeit I realise that for a city around 4 times bigger than Copenhagen it is not as easy as one might think. Nevertheless there is definitely one thing Londoners can learn from Copenhagen and it is some serious cycling style. The Danes don’t wear special cycling clothes, they cycle in what they wear daily, which happens to be exactly what I like to do too.

My relatively short ‘to do’ list in Copenhagen consisted of:

✔️Rent a bike and explore the city on two wheels like a true Dane.

✔️Eat a delicious Danish pastry (every day!)

✔️Visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art – one of the most picturesque and interesting museums I have ever been to.

✔️Visit PapirØen and the Meat Packing District for some authentic Danish street food (consisting of your typical street foods i.e. Mexican, Indian, Vietnamese etc) and great atmosphere.

✔️Visit Christiania – the one and only self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood of 850 residents inside the city of Copenhagen that is open to the public to explore. This place feels like being at festival all year long, so free spirited.

✔️Jump off into the Baltic sea off Islands Brygge. Copenhagen consists of lots of small islands and is surrounded by sea, and yes you can safely swim in it right in the city centre and this is exactly what Danes do in the summer after finishing work at 4pm. Not to confuse you, this was checked off my list during the visit in August 2015.

✔️Shop on Strøget – the longest shopping street in Europe. And appreciate the incredible famous Danish designs by Arne Jacobsen and Hans Wegner around.

✖️Eat at Noma, the waiting list is rather long (over 3 months now) and besides the restaurant is moving to Sydney for 6 months from January 2016. Perhaps I need to start planning a new trip to the other side of the World for that.

✖️Go on a ride to Tivoli Gardens, especially recommended for thrill and adventure seekers, this theme park benefits from being located right in the city of Copenhagen. Mostly upset for not visiting this place, but maybe one day…




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