PROJECT V – Karolina

Karolina project V velondonista


1.Describe your (cycling) style?

Casual, always trainers and neutral tones. I unintentionally end up matching my bike most of the time and more often than not cycle in with bright lips, red as the standard and my new current obsession for autumn is the super bright, Pink Pigeon from Mac.

2. What do you ride?

A KHS Flite 100, single speed, white frame with black everything else and really light weight.

It was custom built in Vancouver when I started riding so has sentimental value and lots of memories from my past life.

3. Favourite place in London?

Victoria park this autumn has been stunning so would have to say there at the moment.

4. Favourite shop?

353 Vintage which is a small furniture store run by the sweetest couple. They get their stuff from all over the place but my favourites are always the Danish mid-century modern items.

5. Item you can’t live without?

My backpack, essential for packing extra layers and groceries.

We can find you riding…..

By Bethnal Green.

Karolina 2

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