This is a second post from the series of this project, this time around featuring yours truly Jb.

1.Describe your (cycling) style:

Relaxed casual

2.What do you ride:

My first bicycle was Pashley Penny, I then got a Bobbin Bramble and now I am mainly riding on Tokyobike Bisou

3.Favourite hangout place in London:

Brixton Village/POP and Victoria Park Village

4.Favourite Shop:

For luxuries 3.0 Phillip Lim and Alexander Wang, for basics the high street favourites All Saints, Zara and H&M, for cycling the cycling store and cyclechic

5.Cycling item you can’t live without:

Will have to be glasses, as I love wearing sunnies whilst cycling during the bright days, and I am slightly blind at night so wear regular glasses when it is dark

We can find you cycling …..

by Regents Canal and through Victoria Park in London

Image by Jb @velondonista blue pashley penny bike

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