There isn’t a cycling etiquette guide that I was able to find when I started cycling and also I often find car, taxi, lorry drivers and pedestrians being especially mean to cyclists, so here is a suggested list of dos and don’ts for cycling in London (more suggestions welcome). Perhaps if more of us follow these the better our bike ride will be!

For actual rules for cycling in the UK please refer to the Highway Code.

  1. Do have a friendly attitude to other cyclists and users of the road, we are all in it together.
  2. Don’t assume anything whilst cycling. ‘That’ car might give you way, it might not (more likely).
  3. Do wear a helmet, better safe than sorry.
  4. Don’t run the red light, it really is so tempting sometimes, but stay strong my friend (plus it is illegal)!
  5. Do use bright bike lights at night, obvs.
  6. Don’t listen to music/podcasts in your headphones whilst on your bike, you need your ears to listen out and save you from any other crazy road users.
  7. Don’t wear heels cycling, trust me sprained ankle is not worth it.
  8. Do stick to the left if you are cycling on Regents canal (its one of those ‘unwritten’ rules).
  9. Don’t cut other cyclists off. Sometimes it just happens, but it is definitely not the thing to do if you want to make friends on the road.
  10. Do smile for the speed camera 😉

& most importantly……

Do enjoy your ride!

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