Whether you had been thinking about cycling to work for a while, completely new to this idea or already cycle to work, here are 10 reasons* why cycling to work is the best:

  1. It’s so much fun it will make you love every day of your life (even if it is Monday).
  2. It is FREE. Work out what you spend monthly on public transport or petrol, now multiple it by 12, and then imagine it back in your bank account. For example, I am on average around £1300 better off a year. BOOM!
  3. It’s way quicker than public transport (especially if you live in east London where public transport is extra slooow).
  4. It’s good for your fitness and health – every day I burn 350 calories extra by cycling into work. Plus avoiding public transport during colder seasons means I avoid catching the flu and cold germs from other commuters.
  5. It’s good for your mind – research shows that moderate exercise every day can help reduce stress and anxiety, as well as boost self-confidence and improve overall mood.
  6. It’s good for your brain power – there is proven evidence that moderate daily exercise can prevent cognitive decline and sharpen memory and make you better at your job.
  7. It’s good for the societyresearch shows that for every kilometre cycled, society enjoys a net profit of 23 centes, where as for every kilometre driver car we suffer a net loss of 16cents.
  8. It’s good for the environment.  We better start looking after the Earth, we only have one in this World.
  9. It shows you parts of London (or any other city) that you never knew existed, it allows you to explore and gives you freedom!
  10. It is so Ffing cool!

Cycling to work has made my life significantly happier and easier and the more of us cycle to work the better and safer cycling conditions will get. And that is also a fact.  So why wait…  come join the team!

*please note this blog post was clearly inspired by this awesome article



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