One Bishops Square Secret Lavender Garden

One Bishops Square Secret Lavender Garden

Have you ever gone past an amazing building wondering what is it like inside? Is it all marble and mahogany walls or simple, clean interiors. Well…  Open House London helps you answer those questions as for only one weekend every year in London the doors of very famous and often private buildings are open for everyone to see. The range is huge from the famous landmarks such as the Gherkin and 10 Downing Street to the not so famous Crossrail shafts to even less known converted Victorian houses. It is just a little bit annoying that it only happens once a year and on the same weekend as London Fashion Week.

Nevertheless, last weekend I managed to wonder and discover a couple of local buildings including Bow Church and Bow Art centre (whilst casually getting my coffee fix) and finally got to learn about the history of these wonderful places. Next day however, I specifically planned a quick visit to One Bishops Square, a private office that belongs to UK’s leading law firm Allen & Overy… a building I would never be able to explore otherwise. As it turns out they have an impressive view over the City and not one but two roof gardens. Who knew…?

If you are not in London though – do not worry. Apparently the concept of Open House has become so popular over the last years that it is now widely available in many other cities such as New York, Dublin, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Helsinki, Melbourne, Galway, Barcelona, Slovenia, Chicago, Rome, Lisbon, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Thessaloniki, Limerick, Buenos Aires, Gdansk-Sopot-Gdynia, Athens, Vienna,Vilnius, Monterrey, Cork, Belfast, Prague, Porto, with Madrid, Milan, Venice and Oslo joining soon.

Open House London is definitely something I am going to plan better next year… so many buildings I want to explore… so little time!




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